We are a global design team 

for innovation.

Catalyzing future changes

is our goal.

We practice a global, multidisciplinary approach to design innovation.
We work on complex challenges by analyzing the emerging phenomena
of today to envisage new meanings for tomorrow.
We imagine the evolution of products, services and strategies crossing social research methods, TRIZ methodology and advanced design, at the intersection between design, technology, business and human sciences.

We believe in Future

– And we believe in Design –

Roberto Rota, irotee design

Roberto Rota

Founder, creative and industrial designer

We are a multidisciplinary team composed of professional designers, engineers, sociologists, technologists and university researchers. We are based in Bergamo, within the POINT -Pole for Technological Innovation.


irotee is our new and young innovative brand. We have synthesized in it our professional and academic research paths. We have developed a method structured to support the customer in design-oriented innovation processes. We move at ease in research and design, in understanding future scenarios and emerging phenomena, in discovering new materials and new applicationsnew technologies and new production processes.


We create multidisciplinary working team tailored to the needs of the client and we collaborate in networks with research institutions, university departments, innovation centers and professionals in different sectors.


We can customize services,  products and strategies to meet the needs of customers who want to create their competitive advantage in tomorrow’s society, giving effective responses to market needs and future scenarios of development.

– Team –

Fabio Valle

Software Engineer, Head of IT Analyisis

Mattia Colombo-irotee design office

Mattia Colombo

Engineer, Head of Project Management

Administration departement

Elvira Civello

Office Manager

Cristian Bonanomi

Phd Software Engineer, Digital Photography

Francy brand design and fashion design

Francielly Kaucz

Designer, Brand&Fashion Director

Olga Stopazzolo

Designer, Motion Graphic Director

Aggeliki irotee design office

Angeliki Panagiotopoulou

Spatial Designer

irotee Design: Maddalena Falletti

Maddalena Falletti

Phd Graphic and Packaging Designer

Daniele Regazzi

Phd Mechanical Engineer, Advisor

– Our History –

The beginning…

Our story begins fragmented in the university departments of various Italian faculties. Each of us contended between research work and professional commitments, experiencing different passions, from design to urban sociology, from photography to philosophy, from information technology to management. Always asking us how to summarize all this. A bit ‘for fun, a bit’ for friendship, a bit ‘seriously believing.


2013: An opportunity given by Bergamo Sviluppo

Then, in 2013, the opportunity: the tender for the Business Incubator of the Chamber of Commerce of Bergamo was about to close and we decided to try to participate. Nights to measure ourselves with business plans and days, at work, to think about how to write it, what to put in it. In the end we were selected and we managed to enter. That day we took such a drunk that large parts of the night no one remembers them.

2014: We win “Culturability” contest of Fondazione Unipolis

In 2014 we won the “Culturability” competition announced by the Unipolis foundation. We presented the “ioop” project, a platform for imaging, facilitation and support for creative processes of social transformation. Some of the values ​​of current methodologies were developed during that period. In particular, the idea of ​​focusing particularly on the future and on the willingness to work for social development through Design.

2017: first phase “irotee”, consulting, research and analysis

In 2017, after three years of training in the incubator programs and school, we finally gave the form to the ideas. A global design team for the analysis of emerging phenomena and the design of objects that can interpret them. A team with a variable structure, composed of coordinators who build and manage with project management tools the different circumstances posed by each different project developed together with the customers. The initial phase aimed mainly at research and consulting, and than slowly, we moved to be ready to face new and global challenges.

2019: irotee global design team

And now, in 2019  we have opened our office at POINT -Polo per l’Innovazione Tecnologica-, the Technological Innovation Hub in Dalmine, Bergamo, between the University and Tenaris factory. Crossroads of coworkers, researchers, start-ups, new innovative projects.

Ready to welcome you with a coffee. Or a beer if you delay…:)