We are a global design team for innovation

We look at the Present, we design the Future

Research + Design + Strategy


irotee global design

Design for innovation

We are a multidisciplinary team composed of professional designers, engineers, sociologists, technologists and university researchers.
We move at ease in research and design,
in understanding future scenarios and emerging phenomena,
in discovering new materials and new applications,
new technologies and new production processes.
We create multidisciplinary working team tailored to
the needs of the client and we collaborate
in networks with research institutions, university departments,
innovation centers and professionists.
About us

An integrated design approach to innovation

We practice a global, multidisciplinary approach to design the evolution of products and services integrated within innovation strategies.
We work on complex challenges by analyzing the emerging phenomena of today to envisage new meanings for tomorrow.
We think about the growth and impact of our customers in today’s and tomorrow’s society, analyzing the current trends to provide answers that can interpret future transformations.
From the business model to the development strategy, from research to the invention of a new product or service, from benchmarking to brand identity, we design each step in an integrated way to provide a coherent path to innovation processes.
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Multidisciplinary method and advanced skills

We have developed a multidisciplinary method combining Design Oriented Strategies, Triz Methodology, Human Sciences Approach and Business Model Canvas: the Future is a collaborative multidisciplinary process.
Design is not just style: it is planning, analysis, problem solving and heuristic creativity.
Advanced Skills

Design-oriented strategies for companies

Who are you?

We work with our customers to develop the innovation strategy
that best suits their needs:
 Design-Driven, User-Cenetered or Market-Pull
Design can be a powerful driver of innovation when combined with
research, technology, human sciences, art and management.


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We invent new innovative products and services

A product or service is the result of the dynamics that shape the current reality. Technology, social and anthropological transformations, styles, ecology, ethics and cultural phenomena combine together to outline what is possible and what will be needed.
At the base of our design process there is a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates methods, techniques and objectives of different branches of human knowledge.

Pioneers in shaping the future

Innovation looks at what will happen tomorrow. Because a  foundamental human need is to proceed on a path that leads to the future. Our approach combines our skills to invent not only what is useful now, but what will be useful in the coming years, when the actual but undergrowth trends in society will then become reality.
This is how to found a competitive and strategic advantage.
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